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A Short Story About Carpets, Firebrats and You

  • Date: Apr 29, 2015
  • Author:
  • Categories: tips

Considering the fact that the carpet in any home is the thing people step on multiple times a day, vialis 40mg every day, shop it easily gets grubby. Actually, there are many ways to make a carpet dirty, discoloured and worn out. Accidents happen, thus it is hard to believe that it has never been spilled wine, coffee or any other liquid, making stubborn stains on your carpet. If you are a smoker, or if your guests are, you should know that the cigarettes’ smoke permeates deeply into the fibres of your carpet.

That is why it is a real art to clean a carpet properly. Alas, if not treated well it loses its colours and wears out fast. Not to mention all the dust and microorganisms which accumulate and affect the health of people, especially the ones with allergies. A thorough, regular maintenance of a carpet can improve its condition, save its colour, elongate its life and can even facilitate your health.

the art of carpet cleaning

Here are some tips on how to perform the art of carpet cleaning:
– To neutralize the dust gathered in your carpet, sprinkle some salt on it before vacuuming.
– If there are some stubborn, old stains on your carpet, do not scrub them with detergents, you’d better mix some salt with club soda in a cup, pour the mixture on the stains and tenderly wipe them off, making circular moves with a sponge.
– If there are stains which won’t remove with DIY mixtures, use a detergent, but choose it wisely. Avoid toxic, strong once, which can harm the texture and coloration of your carpet. Read the detergent’s info, written on the label very carefully, before buying it.
– The easiest way to clean stains is to never let them dry. Even red wine spills can be gone with some baking soda and water in a flash, if treated right after the spilling.
– When washing your carpet, do not drench it. The best way of refreshing it is to pour warm water in a bowl, add some liquid soap (or dishwashing liquid, or shampoo) and then steep a sponge on the mixture and clean the carpet with the sponge. Steep the sponge and squeeze it out as many times as necessary. You can even change the water, if it gets very dirty before you finish the process.
– Clean your carpet regularly. Try not to leave it in need of thorough cleaning. It is easier to vacuum the carpet once a day than to scrub stubborn, old stains all day long once a week.