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How to Get a Man to Do Housework

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  • Date: Sep 07, 2015
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The traditional division of housework between men and women is quickly becoming extinct in many households and there is a good reason for that. As work, viagra kids and the social life we possess take on different roles, housework has a need to be distributed fairly due to the already changed role of women in society and the social dynamics of both sexes. Gone are the days where women were only viewed as housewives and caretakers, giving way to the professional work works just as much as a man does if not even more in some households. That leaves a certain vacuum when it comes to house chores that needs to be filled and having housekeepers is not always the answer due to a number of issues, both financial and others. The key to a great marriage or a relationship of a long-term scenario is to find the proper balance between house duties since nobody wants to go home to a second shift of work that needs doing or being considered the house servant when it comes to such things. No man and no woman would ever want to be taken for granted in such a situation and that is understandable. The way out of this conundrum is to strike a proper balance, but it is women that usually have a lot more on their plate at the end of the day and hence men would be of great help if they take some of the load off their loved one’s shoulders. The following tips will point out what you can do to make that happen without conflicts:


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  • Figuring out what needs to be done, from taking out the garbage to other chores, there needs to be a definitive list and assigned roles if you want to keep things under control. It may not feel instinctual, but the inherent lackluster nature of chores makes us unwilling to deal with them long-term, so the balance between man and woman in a household would be broken entirely if people are left to do chores whenever they choose and however they choose without some measure of control.
  • You will need to define tasks by difficulty if you want to keep things within reasonable parameters, rating each tasks by time spent doing it as well as how strenuous an activity it is as well. Figure that out and you will have a much better understanding on how to delegate tasks accordingly.
  • When you write up the list, you should consider ways you can make cleaning easier. Using a HEPA vacuum cleaner, a better detergent and so on can be a good way of making the task much easier to deal with without making it unbearable.
  • Asking for help is a necessary step toward making sure you can handle all tasks without calling upon the services of a professional cleaning company or a different service. You need to get together with your husband or boyfriend and schedule a place and day where you can figure out the finer details, but have some fun first and use the chance to talk about things as a byproduct of the time spent together. Avoid turning this into a business conversation in a dry way about something that needs to be done. Remember, this is not a business meeting but something you need to figure out together as a couple, so talk about things you’re having difficulties with and reach a consensus you can both work with.
  • You will need to learn to be more flexible and patient than usual, since it takes a good amount of time to break out of old habits and routines formed while growing up, especially if your husband or boyfriend were not relied upon when they were growing up for chores. This is something that takes time to understand, slowly drill in and turn into a great new habit. Be patient, be strong. Sometimes this will take more than you expected, but the results will be worth it.
  • Learn to back away and cut some slack when needed. If you are used to doing something flawlessly and nothing less will do, keep in mind that your hubby may not have the same perfection in mind when the job is done, but they may be more consistent if you are busy. Sometimes you need all the help you can get, but do your best to explain things well, especially with doing laundry as you may have specific requirements for colors and clothing they may not understand all that well at first. House cleaning is no rocket science, but it does have its own specific kinks that need to be worked out to get the job done right.
  • Get into the habit of thanking each other when you finish housework well. Believe it or not, doing that regularly will help maintain the balance and harmony between you. There is no worse feeling than seeing one’s efforts bear no fruit and acknowledgement, so demonstrating appreciation is a good way to show your husband or boyfriend that their efforts matter, just like yours should.