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Famous Maids from Movies and TV Series Part II

Famous maids-2-cover

Last time you were introduced to the famous maids, vcialis 40mg the ones that you can learn from and ones that can inspire you to do more than just keep the home clean. Their cleaning services were unquestionable, decease and the life lessons learned from them can be invaluable. This time you can get introduced to another type of maid – one that has her merits, ask yet also has some colour to her character, and might surprise you in unexpected ways.

Famous maids- part2


Bertha (Two and a Half Men, 2003-2012)

If you have ever watched the show, you will have noticed that Charlie’s huge beach house is nothing short of immaculate, despite his various questionable activities. And all this is thanks to only one person – Bertha the housemaid (portrayed by Conchata Ferrell). The devotion this woman has for cleaning is uncanny. Despite all the messes Charlie and Alan make – both the ones we see and the ones we only hear about – she somehow manages to keep the house spotless and shiny all the time, and still has time for wisecracks, giving life lessons, and even enjoying herself now and then at the expense of her employer.


The Maids (Devious Maids, 2013-2015)

This might be cheating a bit, but yes, all the main characters on the show are working maids. Marisol, Carmen, Rosie, Zoila, and Valentine – played by Ana Ortiz, Dania Ramirez, Roselyn Sánchez, Judy Reyes, and Edy Ganem, respectively – are all Spanish maids that definitely add the colour to the title. They are devoted to their jobs and along with that, they manage to show you through their eyes the lives of their snobbish employers while creating and living through a variety of situations for you to enjoy and relate to.


Rosie the Robot (The Jetsons, 1962-1987)

And here is someone who you cannot relate to. Rosie (voiced by Jean Vander Pyl) is the very definition of a maid, as this is actually her programming. This cartoon character has been in charge of keeping clean the platform home of the Jetson family for over 20 years, and she might be a robot, but she can still manage to teach you a thing or two about life and humility.


Lupita (Weeds, 2005-2012)

We can continue focusing on the maid part, but let’s deviate the type a little. Among the practitioners of the profession you might also encounter specimen like this unforgiving maid. Lupita, portrayed by Renee Victor, is the Botwins’ housekeeper, but she doesn’t really like that job and adds an egotistical shade that is seen by many in the profession. She seeks to avoid work as much as she can, and, when presented with the opportunity, she even goes as far as blackmailing her employer so that she doesn’t have to do it at all while still receiving money. Talk about a house cleaning.


Grace Hawkins / Rosie Jones (Keeping Mum, 2005)

And now we go to the completely opposite spectre of that of Lupita’s character, again ending the list on a bit of a dark note, but this time a funny one. Meet the wonderful Maggie Smith who plays the wonderful Grace Hawkins, an altruistic housekeeper devoted to helping her new employer family, Walter and Gloria Goodfellow, in absolutely every single way she can, including home cleaning, taking care of the kids, property damage, manslaughter, and first degree murder, the latter three of which await everybody who stand in the way of the Goodfellows’ happiness. Oh, right, she is also clinically insane. But don’t judge her too hard – she cares for the Goodfellow family and only seeks to help.


TV series and movies sure know how to make their maids interesting, don’t they. From obedient robots, to sarcastic wisecracking helpers, to sociopathic self-serving blackmailers, to altruistic but utterly mad housekeepers, they can show you more nuances of the maid profession than you have ever hoped – or wanted – to see.