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Concerning Cleaning … With Children

  • Date: Jul 07, 2015
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  • Categories: tips

cleaning with children
It is not easy to be a parent but you probably already know that. From extra housework to constant thoughts about your children’s performance at school, generic worries, cialis parties, help additional courses, friends, upbringing, it is an awful lot to deal with. However, you are ready for it all and more, since your little ones mean the world to you.

One particular situation that often springs in mind, when it comes to being a parent of a few children, is home cleaning. Surely, you have faced a lot of problems, everyone has. You want a clean home, while the children have nothing against a little mess. Sometimes it even feels like they seem to thrive in a messy place!

Instead of viewing your children as part of the problem, try to turn them into a solution. ‘Why bother?’ – you may ask. The answer is simple: because it is your duty as a parent to teach your children the importance of cleaning, and to make sure they develop skills which will only be of use for them later on.

What are the benefits of getting the children involved in cleaning?

Other than the very obvious benefits of getting help for your cleaning chores, there is much more for you and your children to gain, mainly in the form of valuable lessons and habits:

  • Helps your children become more organized – cleaning as a chore includes not only vacuuming, dusting, washing and other similar troubles, but also a great deal of declutering in an attempt to make your home less of a chaos zone. If you make your children part of all of this, they will know how to better take care of their belongings and keep their room from becoming a mess.
  • Teaches your children to be more responsible – cleaning with your children will surely make them more responsible. Not only will they have to take care of a task (with or without your help), but they will also learn how to treat their belongings in a better way.
  • Allows your children to manage their time better – you want your domestic cleaning to be effective, and for this reason you want things to be done in a timely manner. Children will learn to manage their time and to be strict about deadlines.
  • Children develop problem-solving skills – give your little rascals a task, and you can expect a bloom of creativity (sometimes for the sake of effectiveness). Still, this is a good thing, for finding a method and technique will teach them how to look at a problem and how to figure out a solution.

What do you need to consider before you make your children help you?

You may want to jump straight into cleaning action with your children, but there are things you should consider first:

  • Be realistic about the tasks – your children are most certainly not trained professional cleaners. That means you cannot expect them to be very effective, especially if you let them work alone. You should give them simple tasks which they will have no problem to deal with, otherwise nothing will be done.
  • Provide personal supervision – not only it is risky to let your children clean alone, but it can also lead to a disaster – yes, that cleaning detergent is not meant for treating carpets, but only you know that. Now you have a nice, discolored spot in the middle of the nursery, because your little helpers were a bit too enthusiastic. To avoid such situations, make sure you are there during the whole cleaning process.
  • Inspect the tools and provide adequate equipment – regardless of what home cleaning activity you are planning to involve your children in, you have to provide them with proper equipment and tools. Vacuum cleaning with a powerful gear may not be the thing for children, even if they want to give it a try. Equip them with cleaning outfits and protective gloves, masks and even goggles.
  • Natural cleaning solutions – if you are going to clean with your little ones around, you absolutely have to stay away from powerful chemicals, labeled with ‘poison’ and ‘toxic’, and any other caution signs. Consider natural cleaners with baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice and essential oils – they can be just as effective as the other detergents.

How to involve children in your cleaning routine?

Finally, let’s get down to the essential part – getting the children involved in your cleaning. Here is the trick to make this miracle happen:

  • Make cleaning a funny experience – if you can turn cleaning into a funny activity, you can rely on your children to participate voluntarily. In fact, this is the only right way to go about it. Turn on some music, make a cleaning contest, make them act as superheroes battling dust, etc; literally, there are countless ways to turn cleaning into a game of sorts, to capture the attention of children and make them want to clean again!
  • Set realistic goals and breaks – if the attention and willingness to participate in cleaning fades too quickly, it is likely that they feel tired and not interested because the task is too hard. Do not set hard tasks to your children, as this will not work. Make regular breaks with them, if you see they are tired.

Offer a reward for a job well done – always congratulate your children for any cleaning task they help you with. When you offer a treat or some reward upon completion of the task, you will not only make them feel good about themselves, but also motivate them to help again.