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Carpet cleaning may, at first, seem like a simple matter of the right products and a good scrub. This is very far from the truth. The only way to truly deep clean carpeted floors and rugs is through the hire of a dedicated company. Cleaners Up Ltd aim to be exactly that company for all premises (both commercial and domestic) in Tufnell Park, London, N7, N19. Our carpet cleaners have been established as North London’s topmost authority on stain removal, rug cleaning, steam cleaning and the general hygiene of your floorings. To avoid hazardous muck gathering under your surfaces, out of sight and out of mind, contact us at 020 3743 9758 for a conversation about how we can assist in making your rooms impeccable.
Balancing on the borders of Islington and Camden, we have worked across every corner of Tufnell Park, London, N7, N19. You can find us right on your doorstep, no matter whether you live in the Fortess Road, Acland Burghley School or The Red Hand Gallery areas. Whether in the vicinity of the Tufnell Park Tavern or Archway Leisure centre, we can reach you quicker than any Tufnell Park‘s carpet cleaning companies. Our satisfied customers fill literally the entire region!

Stain removal can sometimes be a really nightmarish job, and it takes the appropriate materials to conduct safely and completely. We can act in emergencies to get your accidents cleared up before they cause more damage than they should. All around Tufnell Park, London, N7, N19 houses and businesses are benefitting from the intensive services we offer. We always use the greenest supplies in our environmentally friendly endeavours, and you can rely on us more than anyone else to leave your carpets completely intact.
Beneath eye level, however, steam carpet cleaning is always required to get the job done properly. Older carpets can house a shocking mass of hidden grime, and this can put the wellbeing of both your premises and the people around it at risk. Our steam cleaning is a holistic and greatly superior product than any other’s in Tufnell Park, London, N7, N19. It gets right into those nooks and crannies we usually neglect, and ensures there’s no soiling or germs of any kind. Accruing such dirt beneath carpets is natural, especially when they’re often in use. We’re here to assure your carpets can return to former glories and not threaten any more harm to their surroundings.

Unimpeachable Carpet CleaningCarpet cleaning isn’t all we can provide either, as many disregard the incredibly helpful option of rug cleaning in Tufnell Park. Understandably, such considerations can be worrying – especially if your rugs are particularly expensive! Our trained employees are aware of exactly how to treat and handle them, no matter the size or materials. Satisfied patrons covering the whole of Tufnell Park will attest to our careful approach, along with our stunning results! A cleaner rug means not only a more hygienic home, but a better looking and more inviting one too. We’ll be happy to give you a talk or a quote, and you can always find one of our welcoming staff on the other end of the phone in Tufnell Park.
Don’t let your carpets get worse and worse with each passing day. If left too long, entirely new flooring may have to be purchased! Hiring us ensures the finest quality work at the speediest paces, with the safety of your surroundings at the heart of our tasks. Homeowners and business proprietors in Tufnell Park have always been more than pleased with our carpet cleaning, and with each passing day we move to surpass the last!

Tufnell Park is part of North London and is situated between the London Borough of Camden and London Borough of Islington, thus it falls in the N7 and N19 postcode districts. The area has distinctive 19th century architecture, characterized by individually styled housing and tree lined streets. The place was once famous for its dairy farms that have supplied London with milk, until the Tufnell Park Road was created in 1824. The road is named after the Tufnell family. In 1754 the area became property of William Tufnell who inherited the manor of Bransbury. The estate later passed to his brother and down through his family. Before the Tufnell family, the region was mostly rural. In 1845 construction work began. Most of terraced houses and the Byzantine –style church of St. George were built during that period. The old church served as a Shakespearean theatre in the 20th century and later become the Rock Tower. Currently the building doubles as an events venue and Nigerian church. The new church of St. George and All Saints is now at the corner of Crayford and Carleton Roads in Tufnell Park. The Tufnell Park Station is also located in the area.

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