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Over time, dust, daily dirt and wear & tear can leave your carpet looking worse for wear- with hard to remove marks and discolouration. Even if you are careful to remove your shoes, and keep up with regular vacuuming, grime, dust and dirt still becomes embedded in your carpet and builds up to create that worn, discoloured appearance. Our premium, affordable carpet cleaning service can restore the colour, quality and beauty of your floors and extend the lifespan of your rugs and wall-to-wall carpets. At Cleaners Up Ltd we use the most innovative and effective methods of deep carpet cleaning to transform the look of homes and businesses in Pimlico.
When it comes to cleaning carpets, we are the number one experts in Pimlico. Each and every one of our technicians has been extensively trained and certified and is a practiced specialist in how to steam clean, deodorise and sanitise your carpets in a safe and professional way. Our hard working cleaners in Pimlico and our dedication to customer satisfaction is what has made us the most popular choice for home owners throughout Pimlico, SW1, including the residents of the notable, exquisite apartments of Dolphin Square. When you come to us, you can relax knowing that you are dealing with trustworthy and well trained professionals who are completely equipped to handle all of your carpet cleaning queries. We will go to great lengths to accommodate your requirements, and provide a personal solution for your carpet cleaning needs in Pimlico. Great customer service starts with keeping you informed, so we will evaluate the condition and type of carpet or rug and explain to you our cleaning process, keeping you updated throughout. We fully understand the importance of a clean carpet or rug, and the difference it can make to the appearance of a property, so we will ensure that your carpet is bright and spotless.

Our pioneering process of stain removal is, by far, the most effective in and around Pimlico, W1. Before the steam cleaning, our experienced and skilled technicians will use efficient and eco friendly techniques to pre treat any particularly tough stains. We will also focus our attention on the most used areas of carpet such as hallways and stairs, as these high traffic spots will usually require more care. We will always do our absolute best to remove any difficult spots, and will keep you informed if there are any marks that require special attention. Once we get to work, our deep and thorough carpet cleaning service removes dust, debris and odours that may have built up over time. We work carefully and with great attention to detail to ensure that no residue is left behind; you’d never know we were there, except for your brilliantly clean carpets!

Carpet Cleaning CompanyThrough our skill and commitment to keeping customers happy and carpets spotless, we have built up an excellent reputation throughout Pimlico, SW3. Our broad and satisfied clients range from occupants of the grand, 19th century stucco family homes of Belgrave Road, to the area close to St Gabriel’s, Warwick Square, to the many restaurants and businesses situated along Lupus Street. We believe that whether we are visiting your home or office in Pimlico, treating customers with courtesy and respect and providing an excellent, professional cleaning service is completely essential, is why our popularity continues to grow.
If you are looking for reliable carpet cleaning services and high quality workmanship by experienced professionals who believe you deserve nothing less than top standard service and results, then call our friendly staff today on 020 3743 9758 to find out more about how our services can benefit you.

Pimlico is a relatively small area located within the central London City of Westminster. Much like the neigbouring Belgravia which was built as an extension, Pimlico is well-known for its Regency architecture and garden squares. The district is separated from Belgravia with the Victoria Railway Station and the River Thames to the south, as well as Vauxhall Bridge Road and the ex-Grosvenor Canal at the west end. You can also find a set of residential streets that were laid down by Thomas Cubitt starting back in 1825 and now being part of the Pimlico Conservation Area. The area of Pimlico is also a home to the Dolphin Square since World War II and the Churchill Gardens as well as Longmoore and Lillington estates, which are now also considered conservation areas as well. Notable Pimlico residents have included the famous politician Winston Churchill, as well as actor Laurence Olivier, philosopher Swami Vivekananda, as well as many others. Dolphin square is also a block of nice private apartments that were built way back in 1935 to 1937. When their construction was complete, they were the largest and most successful block of flats around Europe. Pimlico is now home to many of the current members of Parliament.

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