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Spring time. For some it can conjure up memories of dust clouds galore being beaten out of old rugs hung up ready to be washed. For others, they don’t recall ever having had a large rug over wood floors and wouldn’t know what to do with it if they had one. They may have seen the strange sight of carpets being beaten with all manner of large objects in little towns of Europe or on old films or documentaries of little villages. From Italy to Provence to Poland and even as far as Africa and Australia carpet beating time has come to many a part of the world. For some of those meticulous neat freaks carpet cleaning, of course stain removal and everything in between is a yearlong affair.

For many that are not used to seeing a carpet being beaten clean of all its dust and grimy goo one would never have thought could be in such a lovely floor covering, they may be ever so slightly surprised and amazed to see just how much dirt even a small barely one or two metre carpet can hold. The massive dust cloud that can come out of even one of those things has yet to make it to any book of records, although maybe it should if it were to be measured. Now whilst you are picturing that scene, multiply it tenfold for the amount of carpet in homes and businesses that usually doesn’t even get an occasional spring clean or pounding. After all how can twenty squeeze metres plus of carpet be beaten clean silly once a year?
Don’t despair. There is hope. That’s where Cleaners Up Ltd can come in. Call us now. There is no need to wait for spring (just how many springs has your carpet missed a clean so far anyway?). The number to call is 020 3743 9758 for an excellent carpet cleaning service.

Professional Steam and Dry Carpet CleaningHere in London there are so many other things to do rather than clean carpets. So leave the carpets to the experts. Have a great job done and enjoy your spring, summer and even the rest of the year in capital of the UK in the heart of London. Londoners are spoilt for choice, whether visiting famous art galleries is your thing, going for a stroll or a barge ride along the river Thames or cycling though London’s cities and bike paths from the South in artsy Greenwich close to the famous O2 centre for concerts to culturally diverse quirky Bethnal Green in the East, to artsy Camden in the North and the parks and millionaire houses of Hampstead in the North West, to the eclectic sights and sounds of international Central London, London really does have it all. So go out and enjoy the city and leave the cleaning to us!In order to give a thorough healthy carpet cleaning toxic chemicals tend not to be used. Instead, the natural intensive power of strong professional cleaning methods of steam carpet cleaning is used that has strong stain removal abilities as well as aids in freshening and removing stale odours from the carpet. Here at Cleaner Up Ltd we hope to hear from you soon. To receive a quote and for further information, call 020 3743 9758 .

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