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Amazing House Cleaning Gadgets

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Home cleaning doesn’t necessarily have to be a boring chore, treatment nor a difficult one. If you are too busy with your work or would rather prefer to spend your time otherwise, and you should consider some creative ways to handle cleaning. There is no getting around it, store that much is for sure, but you can at least introduce some modern technology to deal with it.

There are plenty of awesome gadgets that can aid you in your home cleaning attempts. Thanks to modern ingenuity and creative designs, one can have pretty helpful tools in the quest for easy home cleaning. Here are some of them you should definitely consider:

  • Vacuum cleaner with no bag and filter – regular carpet cleaning is necessary if you want to prevent your carpets from becoming coated with dust and dirt. But often time cleaners with a bag and filters get clogged and messy. You have most certainly faced the horror of forgetting to replace the bag of your vacuum cleaner in time, which has lead to no pleasant results. Now imagine having a vacuum cleaner that doesn’t require change of filters and bags. Wouldn’t that be great? There is such model on the market currently, and it comes in the form of Dyson’s new line. Sure, it is much more expensive than a normal cleaner, but take into account the fact that you will save from buying filters and bags in the future.

vacuum cleaner


  • Vacuuming robot – robots, as you may know, are no longer a thing of the past or something you would expect to see in a science fiction movie. Households all around have seen the benefits of vacuuming robots first hand. If you prefer to sit back and relax, while someone else is doing all the vacuuming, then this gadget is just for you. The famous Roomba was the first of this kind, but nowadays you can choose the more advanced Neato Botvac 85. It comes with neat features – side brushes for wall cleaning, three filters and laser-guidance to determine cleaning It is shaped in the form of the letter D, which makes it ideal for cleaning the corners of your rooms.

neato robotics


  • Swash system – if you are tired of making constant trips to the dry cleaner, why not get yourself the new Swash system? Thanks to it, you can refresh a single piece of clothing in 10 minutes. If that is lower than what it would take you to go visit a dry cleaner, then it is definitely right for you. Granted the system doesn’t wash the clothes, but merely refreshes them, it is still a wonderful solution for small homes, where full washing facilities are not present.

cleaning gatget


  • Self-cleaning litterbox – undoubtedly you love your pet cat very much. Cleaning after it, however, not so much. Thanks to the automated self-cleaning litterbox, this problem can be solved without you having to take any part of it. There are few models, but the Elite 9000 stands out among them. It detects when the animal enters the box and then scoops the waste into a sealed container. What is good about this device is that it can perform its automated cleaning service for up to a week, which makes it perfect in case you have to travel and leave your pet home alone.



  • Twin washing machine – if you live in a large family, chances are one washing machine will barely cope with all of the cleaning service required on its own. The LG Twin Wash allows for two washes to take place simultaneously. The second drawer is located beneath the main washer. It can handle smaller items, such as lingerie, while you put the main load of clothes in the big washer.



Consider just how convenient each of these cleaning gadgets is and acquire one today. The amount of time and effort it can save you are well worth the money.