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8 Steps to Getting Ready for Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving Dinner tips
  • Date: Nov 23, 2015
  • Author:
  • Categories: tips

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and you need to be ready for it. There will be guests, thumb there will be turkey, site there will be fun. This will, of course, require a great effort for the preparations, and even then it is only the first step. Next comes the trial of the party itself, and then the after-party home cleaning which is always a big task. But you can take small steps to achieving everything and making it easier to get the home clean without too much effort the next day.

1. Make use of the vacuum cleaner.

The vacuum cleaner will be your best friend when the time for the dinner gets near. A quick vacuuming will clear up all the dust on all visible places and will secure the cleanliness of the rooms until the party starts. Go through every room, and while vacuuming, watch the carpet for stains. A quick carpet cleaning might be necessary as well.

2. Get the bathroom clean.

Depending on how many people will come for the dinner, there will be a lot of traffic in the bathroom. It requires some attention to make it as accommodating as possible and it might be a good idea to clean the drains and grout.

  3. Clean the countertops.

This is not so much for show as to the quality of the meals. Clean countertops will make for delicious food. There will be no tasting of yesterday’s meals and no mistakes in the cooking. All will be fresh and proper. You might want to invest some time in oven cleaning as well. That turkey has to be perfect!

4. Clean and disinfect the sink.

A clean sink will also help the quality of the food, especially if, in your anxiety, you start dropping vegetables inside while cleaning them. No need to be afraid of throwing away germy food if everything is set up so that there are no germs in the first place.

    5. Make space for coats and baggage.

Clear out some room for the guests’ belongings. Just a coat hanger will probably not be enough, so better set a whole room or section of the living room aside for coats and bags.

6. Rearrange the furniture.

The basic everyday setting of the living room will probably not suffice if you are expecting a lot of guests. Pull the sofa apart from the armchairs, add more chairs, add another table even, make sure there is space and a place for everybody. Also, even if it is a small gathering, you can still do a rearrangement for the occasion if not something else. And, a little rearrangement will help for the home cleaning the next day.

  7. Adjust the lighting.

Good lighting will make for excellent atmosphere. If there is a small gathering only, set some intimate lights about the table and the sofas. If there is a bigger crowd, then make sure the room is well-lit.

8. Choose the right music.

And speaking of atmosphere, this is where you will get to set the mood of the night. Slow and classical music are perfect for family gatherings that will be more speech and conversations-focused. More energetic music might invite some fun later in the evening, so be prepared for every situation. And do make sure that the music is to everybody’s liking. Nobody likes that lone person who sits quiet and sullenly because the music is not of their taste.

With these preparations you should be completely ready for the upcoming Thanksgiving. Set everything up, then get ready for the dinner and the surprises. And do take deep breaths when making something – you will have plenty of exhaling to do once the time for the after-party house cleaning comes.